Completely gluten-free oat products

Did you know that oats are naturally gluten-free as a crop, but their cultivation, transport and handling affect whether they remain gluten-free or get mixed in with other gluten-containing grains?

The cereal oat product range is 100% pure oats, meaning the whole process is documented and tested to be gluten-free. Oats have exploded in popularity because of their versatility, delicious taste and good nutritional value. We do not use additives or preservatives in our products. All our oat products are heat-treated to improve shelf life.

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  • Gluten-free steamed small oat flakes 3 kg bag
  • Gluten-free steamed wholegrain big oat flakes 3 kg bag
  • Gluten-free oat bran, 800 g
  • Gluten-free steamed wholegrain oat flour, 3 kg
  • Gluten-free steamed small oat flakes, 1 kg
  • Organic gluten-free quick oat flakes, 1 kg, FI-EKO-201
  • Blueberry muesli 400 g
  • Gluten-free oat flour mix 3 kg bag
  • Gluten-free steamed wholegrain oat flour, 800 g
  • Gluten-free oat flour mix,
600 g

Oats conquer with their good taste

Oats are a naturally gluten-free cereal, but their cultivation and handling process may affect their final gluten-free status. Virtasalmi Cereal Products' oat products offer you the complete assurance of pure and completely gluten-free oats, documented and tested.

Oats have won the hearts of more and more consumers with their versatility, delicious taste and excellent nutritional value. It is therefore a popular choice for a healthy and delicious gluten-free diet.

What can you bake with gluten-free oats?

Oats are suitable for gluten-free baking of both savoury and sweet products. Oat flour can be used to make biscuits, pies and breads. Oat bran adds texture to breads and granola, while oat flakes make a tasty and nutritious breakfast porridge.

Take a look at our oat recipes here for new ideas on all the salty and sweet treats you can make with gluten-free oats.

All Virtasalmi Vijatuotte's oat products are heat-treated to improve shelf life and are 100% pure oats, without additives or preservatives. You can therefore be confident that our oat products will give you the best possible taste experience.

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