Durra - Wheaty taste and texture

Durra is naturally gluten-free and is well suited for salty and sweet gluten-free baking. Durra is rich in fibre and vegetable proteins, as well as iron and minerals. With Durra, you can easily achieve a wheat-like taste and texture in your baking.

Our gluten-free Durra flour mix is suitable for people with special dietary requirements and is corn-free and rice-free. Our grain-free durra products contain no additives or preservatives. GMO free.

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Durra has a long history

Long known and used around the world, sorghum is a light, wheat-like flour that is naturally gluten-free. Durra flour is rich in fibre, which aids digestion, gives a feeling of satiety and can help control blood sugar levels.

Sorghum flour contains more protein than wheat flour, making it a good alternative for those who need to increase their protein intake. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

Try Gluten Free Durra Flour Mix for savoury and sweet baking. It is ideal for breads, biscuits, pasta and other baked goods. Wholemeal flour can also be used to thicken soups and sauces. In smoothies, sorghum flour provides extra fibre and protein.

Bake biscuits, buns, cakes or pancakes from sorghum!

What can you make from sorghum? See our tested recipes using sorghum and make a savoury or sweet treat.

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