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We publish brochures and compile recipe booklets, which you can order from our online shop. If you need booklets for nutritional advice, please contact us by phone or email.

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  • Savoury and sweet recipe booklet - 2022
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We have published several recipe booklets, of which you can order a printed version to go with your package, including the Savoury and Sweet recipe booklet and Gluten-free treats with mashed beans.
You can also subscribe to our product catalogue, which contains comprehensive information about our products and our ordering and delivery policies.
You will find links to the electronic versions of the brochures under the products. Take a look!
FOR BUSINESS USE You can email info@virtasalmenviljatuote.fi, call tel. 0208 348 000 or leave a contact request using the Contact Us form and we will send you the brochures you want. We are happy to distribute brochures at events, nutrition advice events and to retailers to support their products.

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