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Gluten-free rustic apple pie

Gluten-free rustic apple pie is baked with our Gluten-free Carrot and Sunflower Seeds Flour Mix. This rustic pie pairs perfectly with tea or coffee!… Read more

Gluten-free beetroot waffles

Gluten-free beetroot waffles taste and look wonderful! Whether you’re looking for ideas for a dinner party or a brunch this vegan savory treat is for you!… Read more

Gluten-free Finnish blueberry pie

Delicious gluten-free Finnish blueberry pie is a traditional dessert from Eastern Finland. With our Dark Flour Mix you won’t even taste the difference to traditional rye crust!… Read more

Gluten-free coarse buckwheat flour, 1 kg

Virtasalmen Viljatuote’s new gluten-free coarse buckwheat flour is ideal for baking gluten-free sour bread. The flour is made from wholegrain buckwheat groats and has a clearly coarse composition. This coarse buckwheat flour is NOT stone-ground. But it replaces the stone-ground buckwheat flour made with another mill, which was discontinued in March 2020.
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[btn text="Available also in 3 kg bag" border="1px" borderradius="3px" link="https://www.virtasalmenviljatuote.fi/en/product/gluten-free-coarse-buckwheat-flour-3-kg/" tcolor="#353535" bcolor="#f7f7f7" bordercolor="#4c4c4c" thovercolor="#212121" bhovercolor="#c6c6c6" borderhovercolor="#4c4c4c" target="true"]
[space size="10px"]… Read more

Gluten-free pizza

Have you looked for the perfect Italian-style pizza? Look no further! Quality ingredients are key to making any delicious pizza and gluten-free is no exception. … Read more

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