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Gluten Free Apple Rolls

Gluten Free Apple Rolls

Recipe by Kirsi Euspilys
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  • In warm water, I first mixed well everything except the flour and oil.
  • Then I added the flour, kneading slowly by hand, and finally the oil.
  • I left the dough to rest for ten minutes.
  • The dough is a bit loose, but it is easy to bake 12 rolls on a floured surface.
  • The rolls were allowed to rise for another half an hour.
  • I greased them with egg, drew a sharp knife across the middle of the cut and sprinkled on some peeled sesame seeds.
  • And then into the oven at a couple of hundred degrees.
  • I baked the rolls for 25 minutes.
  • A higher baking temperature would have shortened the baking time, but in a baking oven you can't adjust it on a case-by-case basis. They still turned out well even after a long bake.
  • My mother used to teach me how to identify a rye bread that was cooked through. You would tap the bottom of the bread with your fingers and a fuzzy, hollow sound would be the sign of a cooked loaf. Apparently it works on rolls too, I tried it on these rolls for the first time in a long time.

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