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Gluten Free Oat Buns

Gluten Free Oat Buns

Recipe by Helka Tukiainen
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Tasty and easy gluten-free oat rolls from Virtasalmen Viljatuote.



  • Mix the dry yeast into the oat flour mix.
  • Measure +42°C water into a baking bowl.
  • Gradually add the salt, oat flour mix and all-purpose flour mix, stirring all the time.
  • Finally, knead the dough with the dough hook of an electric mixer or by hand for 5 minutes.
  • The dough should be really soft and slightly loose to make soft and porous rolls.
  • Pour about 2 dl of the gluten-free oat flour mix into a bowl.
  • With a tablespoon, lift the pieces of dough one by one into the oat flour and shape them into buns on the baking tray with your hands in the flour, or lift heaps of dough onto the tray with a tablespoon and pat them into buns with the bottom of a floured tablespoon or with floured hands.
  • The rolls can be quite chalky (bread-like) as they will still rise in the oven while cooking.
  • Toast under a baking sheet in a warm place for 45 min.
  • Prick the tops of the rolls with a fork and bake in a 250°C oven on medium for 20 minutes.
  • Gluten-free oat rolls are at their best when fresh.

    Helka Tukiainen | Helka's Kitchen


  1. They turned out really well, but the inside is still raw, even though I followed the instructions to the letter. I wonder what went wrong?

    1. Hi Nina,
      If the inside of the bread remains crusty, the oven temperature was probably too low. You may also have opened the oven too early during baking. There are brand and age differences between ovens, which may affect the baking of the breads. Try using both top and bottom heat when baking your breads. Also, do not open the door at the beginning of baking. 🙂

  2. Hello!
    If you have miller's oat flour, can it be used together with your flour. It would not go to waste.

    1. Hello,

      You can also use their oat flour 😊 Please note that this recipe uses our Oat flour mix, which already contains for example psyllium. You cannot replace the oat flour mix with pure oat flour without adding, for example, just psyllium and possibly another individual flour.

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