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Gluten-free lemon cake

Gluten-free lemon cake is the perfect choice for parties in the spring and summer! Wheater is Easter or graduation you are celebrating you can’t go wrong with this tasty cake.… Read more

Finnish buckwheat honey, 250 g

Now available in Viljatuote’s product range, our brand new honey from bees collecting nectar from our own buckwheat field! Try and fall in love with buckwheat honey!
Producer: Arja Korhonen, Vipumäentila, Finland
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Gluten-free vegan swiss roll

Gluten-free vegan swiss roll is pink, soft, and delicious! Switch things up with a different filling, this recipe is a great base for every swiss roll.… Read more

Gluten-free Christmas cupcakes

These cupcakes aren’t lacking the Christmas spirit! Delicious gingerbread cookie flavor combined with chocolate. Decorate as in the picture or however you like! … Read more

Gluten-free big wholegrain oat flakes, 1 kg

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These gluten-free big wholegrain oat flakes are perfect for granola, porridge and for all types of baking. Wholegrain oat contains plenty of fibres, proteins and several vitamins and minerals which will keep you fuller, longer. Oat is a versatile ingredient for baking which bringing a gentle taste and texture.
Big wholegrain oat flakes cook longer than other smaller oat flakes.
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100 % Finnish oat
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Since oat is not suitable for everyone, we always pack oat products separately from other gluten-free products.
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Gluten-free coarse buckwheat flour, 3 kg

Virtasalmen Viljatuote’s new gluten-free coarse buckwheat flour is ideal for baking gluten-free sour bread. The flour is made from wholegrain buckwheat groats and has a clearly coarse composition. This coarse buckwheat flour is NOT stone-ground. But it replaces the stone-ground buckwheat flour made with another mill, which was discontinued in March 2020.
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