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Gluten-free and vegan chocolate cake

Gluten-free and vegan chocolate cake

Recipe by Virtasalmen Viljatuote Oy
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This cake could almost be called a raw cake! The recipe contains oat flakes and maple syrup, among other ingredients, so you might think that the process of making the ingredients means that it is no longer 100% raw cake. However, this gluten-free and vegan chocolate cake can be made entirely without an oven and tastes delicious and contains lots of great ingredients! The oat flour mix and oat flakes make the base almost cookie-like. The base is topped with a silky and chocolatey filling. The cake is gluten-free, vegan and contains no white sugar.


  • Date paste for base and filling
  • 200 g stoneless soft dates and about ½ dl water *

  • Bottom
  • 2dlVirtasalmen Viljatuote's gluten-free oat flour mix

  • 2 dl Virtasalmi's Gluten-Free Organic Cereal Product Instant Oat Flakes

  • 0,5 dl raw cocoa powder

  • a pinch of salt (e.g. Himalayan rose salt)

  • 0,5-1 dl melted coconut oil

  • 2 rkl maple syrup

  • 2 rkl date paste *

  • Stuffing
  • 3 dl cashew nuts (soak well, rinse, drain)**

  • the rest of the date paste *

  • 1,5 dl raw cocoa powder

  • a pinch of salt (e.g. Himalayan rose salt)

  • a dash of real vanilla powder

  • 2 rkl maple syrup

  • 2 rkl / coconut sugar to taste

  • 1 dl melted coconut oil

  • 0,5 dl melted raw cocoa butter

  • 1-2 dl water (heat the water to room temperature)

  • Decorate with (slightly frozen) berries and/or salt flakes, for example.


  • Prepare the date paste by pureeing the dates with water (use a hand blender, for example).
  • Tighten the baking paper in a loose-leaf pan. Mix the ingredients for the base in a bowl and press into the bottom of the pan. Put the base in the fridge to wait for the filling. Melt the cocoa butter in a water bath. In a blender jug, add the filling ingredients, starting with just 1 dl of water. Blend until silky smooth, gradually adding the rest of the water as needed. Taste the mixture and add more sweetener if necessary.
  • Pour the mixture over the cake base, tap the cake against the table a couple of times and transfer the cake to the fridge. Let the cake set overnight in the fridge. Gluten-free and vegan chocolate cake is ready to enjoy.

    Marita Eriksson | MyBlissKtchn


  • Try to work with raw materials at room temperature to achieve a silky finish.
  • ** If there is no time to soak the cashews (at least 4 h), cover the nuts with (boiling) hot water for about 15 minutes. Rinse and drain. If the nuts are quick-soaked, they are technically no longer raw either, but the taste is not affected by this step.

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