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Gluten Free Rommirus Cake

Gluten Free Rommirus Cake

Recipe by Kirsi Euspilys
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  • The oven was still on fire when I put the raisins in the rum. They should be left for several hours, so they absorb the liquid better. When the oven was ready to bake, I started making the cake itself.
  • I whipped the soft butter and sugar and added the eggs one by one.
  • Then add the mixed dry ingredients and the curd, alternately.
  • Finally, I mixed the raisins and rum into the dough.
  • My cake tin is so shallow that this dough was too big for it. So I put some of the batter in muffin tins.
  • My oven was still over 200 degrees and I baked the cake for 25 minutes. However, the heat was clearly too much for this cake, as the surface darkened too much.
  • 175 degrees and 40-50 minutes would certainly be a more suitable cooking time.

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