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  • big oat flakes 3kg

    Gluten-free big wholegrain oat flakes, 3 kg

    These gluten-free big wholegrain oat flakes are perfect for granola, porridge and for all types of baking. Wholegrain oat contains plenty of fibres, proteins and several vitamins and minerals which will keep you fuller, longer. Oat is a versatile ingredient for baking which bringing a gentle taste and texture.
    Big wholegrain oat flakes cook longer than other smaller oat flakes.

    100 % Finnish oat

    Since oat is not suitable for everyone, we always pack oat products separately from other gluten-free products.

    Also available gluten-free small oat flakes, 3 kg

  • teff flour 3kg

    Gluten-free wholegrain teff flour, 3 kg

    Teff is a grain originally cultivated in Ethiopia but now also cultivated in Europe. This naturally gluten-free flour is made from the grain of the teff hay and is always wholegrain. The flour is rich in protein and fibre. It is also a source of calcium, magnesium and iron, and has an excellent amino acid composition. The taste of teff is nutty and is perfect for baking.