Naturally gluten-free, corn brings flavour to gluten-free savoury and sweet treats. In our product range, you will find corn flour and corn grits. Remember that corn flour is dried, milled corn and is not the same as corn starch. All Virtasalmen Viljatuote products are GMO free, including corn!

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  • Gluten-free corn flour 3 kg

    Gluten-free corn flour, 3 kg

    This gluten-free corn flour is suitable for both baking and cooking. You can use corn flour for example to thicken sauces and puddings or to make tortillas or pancakes. Try also our new nettle & seeds crispbread from corn flour with sunflower and flax seeds.

  • Gluten-free corn grits 500g

    Gluten-free corn grits, 500 g

    This gluten-free corn grits can be used for making porridge or baking breads by adding other gluten-free flours. Corn grits is also perfect for polenta.