Finnish flax seeds are a great source of good fats and fibre. Both Virtasalmen Viljatuote’s flax seeds and milled flax seeds are suitable for a wide variety of doughs and they are also perfect with porridge and yoghurt.

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  • gluten-free milled flax seeds

    Gluten-free milled flax seeds, 600 g

    This gluten-free milled flax seeds blend easily into bread dough and increase its fibre content. You can also mix it in yoghurt or quark. You can also add it to muesli or smoothies.

    100% Finnish flax

  • gluten-free flaxseeds

    Gluten-free flax seeds, 500 g

    Try whole flax seeds in muesli, porridge and baking. Along with corn flour and sunflower seeds, you can easily make a tasty crisp bread. Whole flax seeds give to bread a good structure and a bit of chewiness.

    100% Finnish flax