Guten-free & vegan mocha cakeGluten-free and vegan mocha cake is a treat loved by Finns young and old! Easy and fast to bake and disappears in a second!
Gluten-free chocolate eclairsUsing our gluten-free choux pastry recipe, you can easily make these delicious chocolate eclairs. Try and surprise your friends!! Recipe for 12 long or 24 small gluten-free chocolate eclairs.
Gluten-free chocolate swiss rollOur gluten-free chocolate swiss roll is a great base for all kind of fillings! Try white chocolate, jams or this easy summer filling!
Gluten-free white chip macadamia cookiesThese gluten-free American style cookies are soft inside but crispy on the edges. The dough is easy to make so the biggest mistake is overbaking. That being said, you should set your timer to 8 minutes and oversee the cookies for the rest of the baking time!