Gluten-free Finnish minced meat pieThe minced meat pie is a Finnish classic food called "lihapiirakka". Our recipe is easy to make and tastes good even after days! Simple but tasty food for the whole family!
Gluten-free & vegan pan pizzaTry this delicious pan pizza that fits most special diets! Even your non-vegan and gluten-eating friends and family will love it!
Gluten-free nettle & seeds crispbreadEasy gluten-free crispbread from Virtasalmen Viljatuote’s nettle & seeds seed crispbread flour mix! Try our herb feta dip recipe with this crispbread!
Herb Feta DipThis Viljatuote’s special dip was designed especially for nettle & seeds crispbread! However, this fresh dip is great for all savoury dipping!