Gluten-free chocolate eclairsUsing our gluten-free choux pastry recipe, you can easily make these delicious chocolate eclairs. Try and surprise your friends!! Recipe for 12 long or 24 small gluten-free chocolate eclairs.
Gluten-free choux pastryChoux pastry, or pâte à choux is a light pastry dough used in many pastries such as : profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, religieuses, chouquettes, St. Honoré cake, gougères... Try our gluten-free recipe as it is so easy to prepare and very delicious!
Gluten-free cherry clafoutisClafoutis is a French baked dessert featuring stone fruits such as cherries, apricots, plums but you can also use apples or pears. For this gluten-free clafoutis, we are using cherries. Traditional clafoutis is made with cherries that still have their pits. The pits give some almond flavour to the dessert. But if you have young children, we advise you to remove the stones.
Gluten-free chocolate swiss rollOur gluten-free chocolate swiss roll is a great base for all kind of fillings! Try white chocolate, jams or this easy summer filling!